Hall of Fame Athlete

Rachael Yocom '37

Rachael Yocom '37

  • Softball, Tennis, Track and Field
  • Hall of Fame Class of 1991

If there ever is an award presented to a Willamette athlete based on versatility, it will probably be named after Rachael Yocom, who participated in every sport at Willamette in the mid 1930s. She made all-star teams and won a singles championship in tennis in 1937 while at Willamette. During her junior year, Yocom was invited to participate in the 1936 Olympic Trials in Providence, R.I. and placed sixth in the javelin. She also went 5-foot-2 in the high jump. After graduating from Willamette in 1937, Yocom became a teacher at North Salem High School. She also compete on several women's semi-pro softball teams and went on to become a professor in physical education and dance at The College of Idaho, the University of Utah and New York University, winning numerous awards along the way.

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