Bearcat Volleyball Knocks Out Pacific U. Boxers In 3 Games

Salem — Jenni Linden and Angie Sammons led the attack with 11 kills apiece. The Bearcats took out the Boxers 30-14 in the first game. Pacific’s leading scorers were Rachel Larson and Kelli Twigg, each with 5 kills.

The next two games saw the Bearcats scoring 30-26 and 30-17 in the second and third games respectively. In all the Boxers were out scored, out matched and easily defeated.

Coach Wright has had a positive outlook from the start of the season. With her team 8-2 on the season and now 1-0 in the Northwest Conference, that outlook is only getting brighter.

The Bearcat’s next game is Friday, Sept. 19 at Pacific Lutheran* in Tacoma, WA at 7pm.