Willamette Scores a Definitive Victory over the Mountaineers at Homecoming, 29-12.

Salem — The Bearcats defeat of Eastern Oregon was just what the a team needed after coming off a crushing defeat handed down by the UMHB Crusaders last weekend.

The first quarter saw Willamette and EOU scoreless, and with a missed field goal attempt by Mountaineer Josh Clark.

The Mountaineers took the lead in the second quarter after a completed pass to J. Alsterlund for 11 yards to the 6yd line. Alsterlund completed the play to score a touchdown at 7:55 on the clock. The blocked field goal attempt by Josh Clark kept the Mountaineers to 6.

The Bearcats responded with Quentin Brock rushing 52 yards to the 24 yd line giving WU a first down. The Bearcat’s got on the board with a touchdown by Hamada with 5:40 on the clock. The field attempt by Perryman brought the Bearcats ahead of the Mountaineers, 7-6.

The Mountaineers answered the Bearcats in the third quarter with a touchdown by Andre McIntosh, passed by Aaron Hazel. With a failed pass attempt by Hazel the Mountaineers jumped ahead 12-7 with 7:31 left in the quarter.

Quentin Brock came through for the Bearcats, this time for a touchdown from the 1yd line after Keyser-Allen rushed for 31 yards in back-to-back plays resulting in a first down. Gaspard’s pass attempt to Brock resulted in the Bearcats reclaiming the lead to 15-12 with 1:56 on the clock.

The Mountaineers continued losing ground while the Bearcats continued making headway with Quentin Brock at the helm. Brock rushed for 17 yards to score the third touchdown for the Bearcats with 6:58 on the clock. Perryman’s field attempt brought WU to a 10-point lead.

Brock finished the scoring frenzy with a fourth (his third) touchdown for the Bearcats. With 4 minutes left in the game Brock rushed 43 yards to bring the Bearcats to 28. Perryman’s kick gave Willamette the final score of 29 to EOU’s 12.

In all the Mountaineers rushed 31-76 yards but had 13 for 31 and 170 passing yards. The Bearcats rushed 53-377 yards and had 10 for 16 and 80 passing yards.

The Bearcats are now 2-1 on the season.

Next week Willamette University Football goes up against Menlo at Menlo, Atherton, CA, Saturday, 27 at 1:30pm.