Strong Showing for Men's and Women's Cross Country Invite

Salem - Some of the biggest and brightest runners were at Willamette University for the Willamette Cross Country Invitational.

With 3 of the top runners for Willamette's men's team out due to injuries our 4th place overall finish is a testament to the depth that we have this year. Chico State University finished first with a total time of 2:03:21.29 and an average of 24:40.26.

Willamette's total time for the 8k run was 2:06:53.34 with an average of 25:22.67.

Individual Results:
5th place, Jacob Stout with 24 with 25:06.03
36th place, Brendan Brown with 25:31.01
54th place, Travis Harris with 25:52.28
58th place, Josh Edson with 25:57.08
64th place, Daniel Yaeger with 26:08.92
77th place, Nathan Love with 26:19.19
79th place, Carlos Ruiz with 26:19.98
99th place, Wyatt Boyd with 26:35.89
105th place, Ben Liepzig with 26:44.32
115th place, Julio Vieyra with 26:53.46
116th place, Jamie Timbrell with 26:54.08
128th place, Jon Osborne with 27:04.73
129th place, Nathan O'Brien with 27:05.69
134th place, Peter Lucas-Roberts with 27:19.22
143rd place Josh Butler with 27:28.16
146th place, Micah Evans with27:30.83
155th place, Joe Kaczmarek with 27:36.03
168th place, Andrew Wimer with 27:47.86.

Willamette Women scored well coming in 5th with a total time of 1:33:38.01 and an average of 18:43.61 for the 5k run. Chico State also won this event with a total time of 1:30:33.56 and an average time of 18:06.72.

Individual Results:
12th place, Danya Rumore with 18:15.62
32nd place, Natalie Muren with 18:38.39;
33rd place, Katie Pierce with 18:39.83
48th place, Kari Holbert with 18:49.60
73rd place, Lauren Sherwood with 19:14.57
106th place, Bobbi Wright with 19:49.71
113th place, Rachel O'Brien with 19:54.49
122nd place, Audrey Squires with 19:58.73
127th place, Carly Killam with 20:02.29
131st place, Ellen Beebe with 20:04.94
145th place, Sarah Wood with 20:13.33
151st place, Sally Johnson with 20:21.27
159th place, Elizabeth Hart with 20:32.97
167th place, Lori Northcraft with 20:45.29
176th place, Stacey West with 20:52.92
183rd place, Megan Flora with 21:03.10
184th place, Lisa Frost with 21:03.46
186th place, Rachel White with 21:04.59
193rd place, Torey Jovick with 21:11.60
210th place, Ashleigh Williams with 21:45.83
220th place, Katharine Dambrosio with 22:02.48
231st place, Mariah Mayfield with 22:29.96
240th place, Marin Palmer with 23:17.43.

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