The Linfield Wildcats Defeat the Willamette Bearcats 3-2

Salem — The #2 NWC ranked Wildcats came away with a win against the #5 ranked Bearcats in another exciting matchup this season.

This was a tough loss for the Bearcats, meeting Linfield at home again and being defeated in a déjà vu like match.

The first game saw Willamette hold the Wildcats to 14 points total. This would be the last time the Bearcats would be that far ahead. The Wildcats took the lead in the second game and walked away with a 30-28 win. The third game saw much of the same. Willamette was unable to block effectively and Linfield fought to win 30-25.

Just as before, the Bearcats looked renewed in the fourth game and was able to push the match to 5 games with a 30-22 win.

The only difference in the 5th and final game was that Willamette lost by 3 instead of 2. The teams were evenly matched, as they had been before, and kept everyone on the edge of their seat.

The Bearcats are 10-5 overall and 2-3 in conference, while Linfield moves up to 14-2 and 5-1 in conference. The Bearcats are visiting Lewis & Clark tomorrow, October 4, 2003, while The Wildcats are going to be hosting Pacific on October 10, 2003.

Willamette Univ. (10-5) (Kills-aces-blocks) - Halleck, Kristin 31-0-0; Sammons, Angie 14-1-1; Thompson, Lauren 13-0-3; Linden, Jenni 10-1-10; Kirschner, Kristin 5-2-1; Zaffino, Jodi 2-0-1; Leimer, Jennifer 1-2-0; Totals 76-6-11.0. (Assists) - Zaffino, Jodi 64. (Dig leaders) - Leimer, Jennifer 20; Halleck, Kristin 18; Batlan, Celia 14; Sammons, Angie 11; Zaffino, Jodi 10

Linfield (Kills-aces-blocks) - Beck, Andrea 20-1-1; McClung, Liz 14-1-1; Harksen, Lindsay 14-0-4; Sharpe, Kelly 7-0-6; Hahn, Sarah 6-2-6; Leslie, Candice 2-0-0; Totals 63-4-12.0. (Assists) -Leitheiser, Katie 31; Herold, Kelly 19. (Dig leaders) - Beck, Andrea 17; McClung, Liz 15; Leitheiser, Katie 12; Bellwood, Ashley 11; Herold, Kelly 11