Willamette Over Pirates in 4 Games

Salem: Coming off of a win last night agains the Missionaries of Whitman, the Bearcats triumph over the Pirates of Whitworth in 4 games. The win moves the Bearcats to 15-7 overall and 7-5 NWC. The Pirates drop to 9-14, 3-8.
The Bearcats walked over the Pirates effortlessly in game 1, holding Whitworth to 18.

Game 2 saw many substitutions from the Bearcat bench. Without their normal rotation the Bearcats fell out of sync and dropped the match 26-30.

During game 3 the Bearcats, back into their starting lineup, fought to get the rhythm back. They succeeded, but not before the Pirates closed to within three points. The Bearcats won 30-27.

The Bearcats closed the final game off, leaving no doubt as to who the dominating team was on the court. Winning on a service error, the Pirates were kept to 12 in the final game.

The Pirates leaders were Katy Schrader with 12 kills, 28 total attempts and a hitting percentage of .250 and Tamra Stark with 10 kills, 28 total attempts and a .214 hitting percentage.

The leading scorers for Willamette were Kristin Halleck with 22 kills and 49 total attempts giving her a hitting percentage of .306; Angie Sammons with 18 kills and 43 total attempts and a .302 hitting percentage; Lauren Thompson made 15 kills, 23 total attempts and finished with a .609 hitting percentage.

Willamette's next game is at Linfield on October 31st.