Women Finish Third Overall at Northwest Conference Championships

Lake Stevens, Wash. - The Bearcat women weren't able to get ahead of UPS in order to make a play for a bid to Nationals due to technical difficulties. The Varsity Eight had two boat stopping crabs (when the oar gets caught in the water) and came in sixth. Without being able to demonstrate their speed against the field they are going to be flying under the radar at the WIRA championships this weekend in Sacramento. The crab happened in the middle of the race while they were up with University of Puget Sound, who then went on to win the race and the Conference.

Willamette women were third in the 2nd Varsity Eight, behind Western Washington (2nd) and UPS (1st). The Varsity Four was second to Seattle Pacific, finishing the top three was Puget Sound. The JV Four was six of seven.

The women's Novice Eight was second to Humboldt to whom they are now down 1-2 (wins vs. losses) for the season. The Novice Eight look to split the wins by finishing ahead of Humboldt, and the rest of the pack, when they meet for the fourth time this season at WIRA's this weekend. The women's Novice Four came in a disappointing sixth place by almost a minute.

Completing the results, in the women's Light Four, the women's Pair and the 2nd Novice Eight (tying with Pacific Lutheran) Willamette was third. In the Women's Novice Lightweight Four, the Bearcats were second.

The Bearcat women walked raced away with 4 silver medal boats and 4 bronze medal boats out of 11 events (entering 10), finishing third in the NWC.

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