A Hike For Answers

SALEM- Julianne Abendroth-Smith, associate professor in Exercise Science at Willamette, is looking for volunteers to assist in a research project tracking the effects of dual trekking poles.

“I’m investigating the force distribution and muscle use of the lower limbs with and without the use of dual trekking poles,” said Abendroth-Smith. “Hikers who have experience with trekking poles and carrying backpacks, would be great, but as long as you have a pair of shorts, two feet, and are between the ages of 18 and 64, you’re hired.”

Volunteers can sign up for hikes at anytime, starting this Saturday, September 4 through Tuesday, September 7. Hikes and testing will last about an hour. Participants may receive results as to how their body reacts to specific joint pressure, and how they may reduce this pressure, as well as muscle soreness.

If you’re interested in helping Julianne conduct this research you may visit her lab on campus in Gatke Hall or you can contact her at (503) 370-6423, or send her an email at jabendro@willamette.edu.