Women's Basketball Defeats Wheaton College At Bon Appetit Classic

PORTLAND, Ore- In the final day of action at the Bon Appetit Classic, the Willamette women’s basketball team downs Wheaton College 77-69, for their first victory of the season.

The Bearcats came back from their loss against Menlo College Saturday afternoon (72-60), to improve their record 1-1. The Wheaton Lyons ended the tournament 0-2.

The Lyons stayed on Willamette’s heels for the first half, leaving only a two-point margin. The Lyons came out strong in the second, before the Bearcats shot out with a 12-0 run.

With 2:42 left to play, Wheaton closed the gap to within five points, but couldn’t get anymore past the Bearcats.

Vanessa Wyffels, hit 10 of 12 for the Bearcats, ending with a game-high of 24 points. Wyffels also added eight rebounds. Jennifer Bell followed with 14 points. Laura Payne added 11, and Julia Short threw up six free-throws for a game total of 10 points.

The Lyons were powered by Casey Sorbara and Kim McCormack, each shooting for 12 points. Samara Audet had 10 points coming off the bench.

In the game against Menlo, Kari Woody and Jennifer Bell each posted 11 points for Willamette. The Bearcats were unable to the break the Oaks’ lead, ending the game 72-60.

The Bearcats are on the road this week, November 23, for a game against Western Baptist.