Football Camp Brings 300 High Schoolers To Willamette

MCCULLOCH STADIUM - Over 300 high school athletes converged on McCulloch Stadium this weekend as part of the Willamette University football team’s Passing and Lineman Tournament.

The Bearcat football program and Nike team up every year to offer the 7-7 camp where high school teams get a full weekend work-out.

This year, NIKE was featuring its SPARQ program — a training regimen designed to improve speed, power, agility, reaction and quickness.

All the students participating in the weekend went through the work-out, setting a baseline for themselves to improve as they work out through the season.

Coach Mark Speckman said the program is a good way for the Bearcats to give back to the community, and for the high school teams to be able to test themselves against potential opponents.

“The kids had a great time and learned some good skills. And we always enjoy having the local high school teams work out at our great facilities here at Willamette University,” said Speckman. “We appreciate the opportunity to work with NIKE’s team… and I think they enjoy coming to Salem, too.”

Football practice begins for the Bearcats late next week as football athletes are scheduled to return to campus on August 13.

300 High Schoolers

300 High Schoolers