MacMillan Garners Only Win In Tenis Loss to Linfield

SALEM, OR - Eric MacMillan won at No. 1 singles, but that was the only victory the Willamette University men's tennis team could manage as the Bearcats dropped a 6-1 decision to Linfield Saturday night at the Courthouse Athletic Club.

MacMillan defeated Owen Suagee in a tight match, winning 7-5, 6-7, (10-7).

Linfield swept all three doubles matches to get the first point of the evening. Shaun Mihalik and MacMillan lost at No. 1 doubles, 8-4 to Suagee and Ian McGrath.

Nick Babij, added to the team just this week, teamed up with Geoff Klein at No. 2 doubles, but lost to John Yates and Wes Gabrielson 8-0.

Alex Sepenzis and Fitz Paccione lost at No. 3 doubles to Ramsey Selbak and Jon Roberts, 8-2.

In singles, after MacMillan's victory, the Wildcats swept through the remaining five singles matches without dropping a set to raise their season record to 11-7 overall, 10-4 NWC. The Bearcats fall to 4-9 overall and in the NWC, setting up a key make-up match against Lewis & Clark later this week.

Complete results are listed below:

Willamette University
Apr. 8, 2006

Linfield 6 (10-4 NWC, 11-7 overall)
Willamette 1 (4-9 overall and NWC)

NO. 1: Owen Suagee/Ian McGrath (Lin) d. Eric MacMillan/ Shaun Mihalik 8-4
No. 2 John Yates/Wes Gabrielson (LIN) d. Nick Babij/Geoff Klein 8-0
No. 3 Ramsey Selbak/Jon Roberts (LIN) d. Alex Sepenzis/Fitz Paccione

No. 1: Macmillan (WU) d. Suagee 7-5, 6-7 (10-7)
No. 2 Selbak (LIN) d. Paccione 6-4, 6-3
No. 3 Gabrielson (LIN) d. Mihalik 6-2, 6-4
No. 4 Yates (LIN) d. David Reichert 6-1, 6-1
No. 5 Kei Sato (LIN) d. Sepenzis 6-1, 6-1
No. 6 Roberts (LIN) d. Klein 6-2, 6-1