Bearcat Crews Run Well at Windermere Regatta in Seattle

SEATTLE, WA - The Women's Varsity 8+ finished second and the Men's Varsity 8+ finished fourth in their best race of the season as the Willamette University crew team competed Saturday at the 20th Annual Windermere Cup Regatta in Seattle.

The Bearcat Varsity Women's eight placed second in a competitive five boat race. The WU women were second off the start led by stroke seat, junior Laura Jones. Coxswain Becca Ralston aggressively drove the crew through the chaotic scene of hundreds of yachts and thousands of fans.

The crew was focused on Western Washington University, ranked number one in DII. Two weeks ago, the WWU crew beat the Bearcats by approximately 2 seconds at the Conference Championships two weeks ago.

Remaining ahead of two DI University of Washington women's 8+s, the Bearcat crew maintained its hold on second place, finishing behind only the UW No. 1 team and defeating the Western Washington crew by over 16 seconds.

Supporting Jones at stroke were 7-seat Jessica John, 6-seat Maggie Shaneyfelt, 5-seat Lindsey Young, 4-seat Kimber Grady, 3-seat Melissa Rucker, 2-seat Ashley San Blise and bow Tori Gustaveson.

A last minute scratch from University of Puget Sound was disappointing to the Bearcat Men's Varsity eight. Their four boat race included a highly competitive field of two University of Washington men's eights in addition to an eight from the championship Everett, WA community program of former Husky athletes.

The Bearcat men's 8+, stroked by sophomore, Danny Croom, had a quick start stroking a 38 stroke rate. Sophomore, Collin Siu had his best race to date at the helm in the coxswain seat, steering the men's varsity eight through the narrow Montlake Cut.

The men finished the race feeling it was the best race of their season. Stroke seat Croom, led the Bearcat lineup including the four lightweight silver medalist oarsmen from the Conference Championships; senior Brian Fanning pulling 7-seat, junior Randall Cass at 4-seat, freshman Joel Hungerford at 2-seat and junior Greg Henselman at bow.

Willamette University's Director of Athletics, Mark Majeski, was among the thousands of fans that lined the bank for this unique celebration of the Opening Day of yachting season. With the support of Windermere Real Estate, over the past twenty years, crews from all over the world have been invited to compete. This year the Russian Rowing Federation fielded a men's and women's 8+ oar shells in this festive regatta.

Coaches Susan Parkman and Conor Bullis were pleased by the progress of Bearcat crew this spring. "We saved our best races for this final day, and we're excited at the chance to see Bearcat crew grow," said Parkman. "The team is looking forward to next season already. This was a magnificent way to finish off the season."

Mixed Regatta: Windermere Cup
May 6, 2006; Seattle WA

Thanks to Dan Lepse.

Men's Windermere Cup (Varsity Eight)
1, Russia 6:04.72. 2, Washington 6:06.72. 3, Michigan 6:15.34.

Women's Windermere Cup (Varsity Eight)
1, Russia 6:50.06. 2, Washington 6:57.17. 3, Central Florida 7:06.09.

Men's Erickson Memorial Cascade Cup (Second Varsity Eight)
1, Washington 6:17.53. 2, Oregon State 6:26.86. 3, Orange Coast College 6:32.22.

Women's Erickson Memorial Cascade Cup (Second Varsity Eight)
1, Washington 7:07.03. 2, Western Washington 7:23.27.

Men's Freshman Eight
1, Washington 6:12.53. 2, Gonzaga 6:32.95. 3, Oregon State 6:33.55. 4, Orange Coast College 6:37.80.

Women's Novice Eight
1, Washington 'A' 7:09.97. 2, Washington State 7:16.56. 3, Washington 'B' 7:25.81. 4, Western Washington 7:44.53.

Boy's Junior Club Eight
1, Cincinnati Junior RC 6:26.56. 2, Mount Baker Crew 6:28.48. 3, Green Lake Crew 6:31.91. 4, Victoria City 6:34.55.

Boy's High School Eight
1, Brentwood 6:31.69. 2, Everett Rowing Association 6:42.13. 3, Rose City Rowing 6:50.11. 4, Sammamish Rowing Association 6:56.58.

Girl's Junior Club Eight
1, Everett Rowing Association 7:12.14. 2, Pocock RC 7:14.59. 3, Victoria City 7:18.55. 4, Cincinnati Junior RC 7:20.75.

Girl's High School Eight
1, Green Lake Crew 7:20.61. 2, Lakeside 7:21.53. 3, Rose City Rowing 7:33.20. 4, Brentwood 7:46.88. 5, Holy Names 7:50.34.

Men's Open Eight
1, Washington B' 6:24.72. 2, Washington 'A' 6:32.86. 3, Everett Rowing Association 6:35.94. 4, Willamette 6:52.08.

Women's Open Eight
1, Washington 'A' 7:17.41. 2, Willamette 7:43.47. 3, Washington 'C' 7:51.81. 4, Washington 'B' 7:57.88. 5, Western Washington 7:59.72.

Women's Varsity Four
1, Washington 7:50.38. 2, Lake Washington RC 8:07.63. 3, Western Washington 8:13.38. 4, Seattle Pacific 8:44.00

Men's Varsity Four
1, Washington 'A' 6:48.59. 2, Washington 'B' 6:55.02. 3, Gonzaga 6:56.38. 4, Washington 'C' 7:07.02. 5, Seattle Pacific 7:16.61. 6, Lake Union Crew 7:23.66.

Women's Eight (over 50)
1, Lake Union Crew 8:00.86. 2, Martha's Moms 8:05.52. 3, Seattle Yacht Club 8:28.73. 4, Interlochen RC 8:54.08.

Women's Eight (over 40)
1, Watercat Rowing 7:36.94. 2, Green Lake Crew 7:57.47. 3, Sammamish Rowing Association 8:00.63. 4, Conibear RC 8:00.89.

Mixed Eight (over 50)
1, Ancient Mariners RC/Cascade Rowing 7:36.66. 2, Lake Washington RC 7:37.17. 3, Lake Union Crew 8:17.17. 4, Vashon Island RC 8:22.25.

Mixed Eight (over 40)
1, Cascade Rowing/Pocock RC 7:15.08. 2, Willamette RC 7:15.59. 3, Mount Baker Crew 7:5167. 4, Station L RC 7:57.02.

Men's Eight (over 40)
1, Pocock RC 6:47.88. 2, Sammamish Rowing Association 6:53.48. 3, Vashon Island RC 7:33.41. 4, Lake Washington RC 7:37.72