Women's Novice Rowers Win Again, This Time on Land, as High Winds Force UPS Regatta Out of Water

TACOMA, WASH. -- This time they had to row individually and not even in the water, but it didn’t matter for the Willamette University women’s novice eights, as they took first place at the University of Puget Sound Regatta on Sunday, Oct. 29 for their second win in as many weeks. Willamette’s novice eights also won at the Charlie S. Brown Regatta in Portland, Ore. on Saturday, Oct. 21. This weekend, all of the events at the UPS Regatta, except for the women’s varsity 8+ race, were moved off the water at American Lake due to high winds. The other races were completed one rower per team at a time on an ergometer (rowing machine) on dry land.

Host UPS won the only race on the water, as the Loggers completed the 1,000-meter women’s varsity 8+ event in 4:45.12 for a 21.44 second victory over the Bearcats varsity eights. WU clocked in at 5:06.56 to finish in second, ahead of the UPS “B” team at 5:13.74, the Lewis & Clark College “A” team at 5:14.14 and the Lewis & Clark “B” team at 5:45.44.

Willamette’s women’s varsity eight with coxswain included Rebecca Ralston (Sr., Salt Lake City, UT/Judge Memorial Catholic HS) as the coxswain, plus stroke seat Laura Jones (Jr., Boise, ID/Boise HS), seven seat Kimber Grady (Sr., Seattle, WA/Ballard HS), six seat Ashley San Blise (Sr., Salem, OR/South Salem HS), five seat Emily Mitchell (Fr., Vancouver, WA/Columbia River HS), four seat Courtney Staunton (Sr., Tule Lake, CA/Triad HS), three seat Noelle Matthews (Sr., Modesto, CA/Modesto HS), two seat Megan Meidinger (Sr., Sandy, UT/West HS) and bow Katie Archibald-Woodward (Sr., Claremont, CA/Claremont HS).

The winds quickly became too strong to continue the regatta on American Lake. It was so windy the Willamette men’s varsity eight was unable to reach the starting line in the moments prior to organizers making the decision to move the regatta on land.

Once the crews were on land, the competition continued with the members of each shell participating on the ergometer one at a time, in order from bow seat to stroke. Each team member completed 500 meters before the relay moved on to the next rower.

Willamette’s victorious women’s novice eights were led by coxswain Eliza Edwards (Tacoma, WA/Stadium HS). Rowers were stroke Julie Vernarsky (Enterprise, OR/Enterprise HS), seven seat Kirsten Barta (Fr., Hopkins, MN/Hopkins HS), six seat Caitlin Dilli (Littleton, CO/Heritage HS), five seat Jasmine Henry (Poulsbo, WA/North Kitsap HS), four seat Hilary Andrus (Chimacum, WA/Chimacum Valley HS), three seat Kim Cowan (Kalispell, MT/Flathead HS), two seat Megan Delph (West Linn, OR/West Linn HS), and bow Lacey Ellingson (Shoreview, MN/Moundsview HS). Second place went to the UPS “A” team, while third place was taken by Lewis & Clark. The UPS “B” finished fourth. Team times were not available.

Overall, the Bearcats won one race, finished second in four races (one was a tie), took third in one race and were fourth in one race. UPS claimed first place in five races and Lewis & Clark took first place in one. The Willamette men’s team took second place in both the men’s novice eights and the men’s varsity fours.

UPS Regatta
Sunday, Oct. 29, 2006
Tacoma, Wash.

Final Results

On American Lake

Women’s Varsity 8+
1st - Puget Sound “A”, 4:45.12
2nd - Willamette, 5:06.56
3rd - Puget Sound “B”, 5:13.74
4th - Lewis & Clark “A”, 5:14.14
5th - Lewis & Clark “B”, 5:45.44

500-Meter Ergometer
Relays On Land

Men’s Novice 8
1st - Lewis & Clark
2nd - Willamette
3rd - Puget Sound

Women’s Novice 8
1st - Willamette
2nd - Puget Sound “A”
3rd - Lewis & Clark
4th - Puget Sound “B”

Men’s Varsity 4
1st - Puget Sound “A”
2nd - Willamette
3rd - Pacific Lutheran
4th - Puget Sound “B”

Women’s Novice 4
1st - Puget Sound “A”
2nd - Lewis & Clark
3rd - Puget Sound “B”
4th - Willamette
5th - Logoneers/Piologs

Men’s Varsity 8
1st - Puget Sound
2nd - Lewis & Clark
3rd - Willamette

Women’s Varsity 8
1st - Puget Sound “A”
2nd - Willamette and Puget Sound “B” (tie)
4th - Lewis & Clark “A”
5th - Lewis & Clark “B”

Willamette Crews at UPS Regatta

Varsity Women’s 8+
Coxswain Becca Ralston, stroke Laura Jones, 7 seat Kimber Grady, 6 seat Ashley San Blise, 5 seat Emily Mitchell, 4 seat Courtney Staunton, 3 seat Noelle Matthews, 2 seat Megan Meidinger, and bow Katie Archibald-Woodward.

Varsity Men’s 8+
Coxswain Eliza Edwards, Stroke Danny Croom, 7 seat Andrew Clark, 6 seat Albert Wright , 5 seat Aram Krueger, 4 seat Jacob Wicks, 3 seat Brice Miyasaki, 2 seat Randall Cass, and bow Greg Henselman

Novice Women’s 4+
Coxswain Lacey Ellingson, Stroke Lacy Gillham, 3 seat Erin Sheets, 2 seat Megan Delph, and bow Lisa Marshall

Novice Women’s 8+
Coxswain Eliza Edwards, Stroke Julie Vernarsky, 7 seat Kirsten Barta, 6 seat Caitlin Dilli, 5 seat Jasmine Henry, 4 seat Hilary Andrus, 3 seat Kim Cowan, 2 seat Megan Delph, and bow Lacey Ellingson

Novice Men’s 8+
Coxswain Rebecca Norton, Stroke Dan Warren, 7 seat Aram Krueger, 6 seat Albert Wright, 5 seat Marc Whitehead, 4 seat Mike Isaacs, 3 seat Sean Koble, 2 seat Ben Anderson, and bow Patrick Heck

Varsity Women’s 4+
Coxswain Becca Ralston, Stroke Laura Jones, 3 seat Kimber Grady, 2 seat Ashley San Blise, and bow Emily Mitchell

Varsity Men’s 4+
Coxswain Megan Meidinger, Stroke Danny Croom, 3 seat Andrew Clark, 2 seat Randall Cass, and bow Greg Henselman