Rowers "Conquer the World" in Ergathon

By Robert McKinney, Athletics Communications Director, (503) 370-6110

(ROWING) SALEM, ORE. -- The Willamette University rowing teams figuratively "Conquered the World" during their Ergathon fund raiser on Sunday, March 18 outside the Sparks Center. Three groups of men's and women's team members competed against each other to see whether the "Red Team", "Blue Team" or "Green Team" would be the first to color in a world map based upon their success on ergometers (rowing machines).

The teams kept rowing virtually non-stop, with each participant taking turns on the rowing machines. Every nation or region had an assigned value in meters, so once a team reached a matching level on its ergometer, that nation or region could be colored in as completed. It took 48,500 meters to complete the world map, compared to races of 2,000 to 3,000 meters at regattas during the intercollegiate season.

First palce was won by the Red Team with a time of just over three hours at 3:02:58. Members of the red team were Andrew Clark, Kimber Grady, Sean Koble, Brice Miyasaki, Jasmine Henry, Becca Ralston, Mike Isaacs and Julie Vernarsky. Second place went to the Blue Team, which finished it world map in 3:05:47. Blue Team members were Courtney Staunton, Greg Henselman, Jacob Wicks, Laura Jones, Lacey Ellingson, Pete Haderlein, Megan Meidinger and Adrienne Hall.

Third place was held by the Green Team, which earned a time of 3:10:40. The Green Team included Lauren Scwartz, Hilary Andrus, Danny Croom, Eliza Edwards, Marc Whitehead, Kirsten Barta and Ashley San Blise.

The Willamette rowing teams participated in the Ergathon to increase awareness of their sport while raising funds for the overall rowing program at WU. The teams are partway to their goal of $20,000 during their March Campaign Fund Raiser. Donations are still begin accepted.

As the hours passed during the Ergathon, team members learned the value of working together with shorter segments on the machine. They also developed methods to help each other during the transitions between rowers. It was hard work.

As WU Junior, Greg Henselman described the event, "That ergathon was great! I had more fun than I expected from a three hour erg piece. I really enjoyed the chance to chat it up with friends and rowers. At regattas, everyone's so concentrated on racing that you don't get the same thing."

Willamette's rowing teams will return to the water on Saturday, March 24 at the Daffodil Cup in Tacoma, Wash. The regatta is scheduled to start at 8 a.m. (PDT).

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The Red Team