Willamette Rowing Defeats Puget Sound in Both Varsity 4's and Women's JV 8+

Bearcats and Loggers Race at American Lake

By Robert McKinney, Athletics Communications Director, (503) 370-6110

LAKEWOOD, WASH. -- Willamette University defeated the University of Puget Sound, one of the Bearcats' top Northwest Collegiate Rowing Conference (NCRC) rivals, in the women's varsity 4+, the men's varsity 4+ and the women's junior varsity 8+ at the Governor's Cup Regatta on American Lake on Saturday, March 10. UPS won the women's varsity 8+ and the men's varsity 8+.

The conditions varied wildly through the day, with high winds and lots of chop on the course.

In the WJV8+, Willamette earned a time of 9:13 to win by 16 seconds over the Loggers. Puget Sound finished the race in 9:29. Willamette won a closer race in the WV4+, as the Bearcats completed the course in 8:52, while UPS followed in second at 8:57.

Rowing for WU in the WJV8, along with coxswain Blair Davis, were stroke Gwen Hyrciw, 7-seat Meredith Miller, 6-seat Nina Berger, 5-seat Kira Egelhoffer, 4-seat Sophie Hearn, 3-seat Hadley Clegg, 2-seat Alli Claypool-Conrad and bow Rebecca Hall. In the WV4, the Bearcat lineup included Nicole Piechocki as the coxswain, plus stroke Jessica Lovell, 3-seat Kate Pfeiffer, 2-seat Lea Griggs and bow Karina Hoogstede.

The Bearcats won by 13 seconds in the MV4+. Willamette crossed the finish line in 8:44, while the Loggers registered a time of 8:57. Michaelin Richards was the coxswain for WU, with Till Gwinn at stroke, Forrest Betton at 3-seat, Dillon Peck at 2-seat and Garrett Maltzan at bow.

Puget Sound prevailed in the top race relating to NCAA Division III women's competition, as the Loggers took first place in the WV8+. The Loggers earned a time of 8:05, while Willamette's time was 8:22.

UPS also won the men's varsity 8+ in 8:06, with the Loggers also taking second place in 8:29. Willamette was third in 8:32.

Willamette's next competition is slated for March 24 at the Cascade Sprints Regatta, which also will be held at American Lake. Action in the regatta is scheduled to begin at 8 a.m. (PDT).
Governor's Cup Regatta
American Lake
March 10, 2012
Willamette defeated Puget Sound in the women's junior varsity 8+.

Willamette defeated Puget Sound in the women's junior varsity 8+.