Sports Information

Willamette University currently supports 19 intercollegiate sports. Under the direction of Athletics Communications Director Robert McKinney, the office of Athletics Communications promotes the 19 sponsored sports as well as the coaches and athletes who participate in those sports.

Thank you for your interest in Bearcat athletics. To assist you, please follow the general media policies outlined below. If further questions are needed feel free to contact Robert McKinney.

Media Policies

  • Interviews - All interviews with coaches, student-athletes and staff members must be coordinated through the office of Athletics Communications. Immediately following games the locker rooms are closed. Player and coach interviews, however, may be conducted outside locker rooms or on the playing surface after a minimal cooling off period.
  • Practices - Practices are open to the media whenever necessary but please provide advance notice of attendance.
  • Game Day Coverage and Press Passes - Credentials are available for any media member but please allow 24 hours notice. The office of Athletics Communications will provide rosters, updated statistics and media guides prior to games and statistical information immediately following.
  • Technology - At most athletic events, the media have access to wireless Internet use as well as phone and fax lines. Photocopiers may also available upon request.
  • Radio - Any visiting radio broadcasts must reserve their seating the week of the scheduled contest.
  • Photographers - The office of Athletics Communications photographs home games for most sports. These photographs are intended solely for use by media as well as future publications for the Bearcats. Photographers must apply for credentials and are asked to stay at least 10 feet from the playing surface.
  • Bearcat Network

    Tune in to the Bearcat Network and watch live webcasts for select competitions and see live stats for nearly all Bearcat competitions. You can also find social media links like Facebook and twitter, rss feeds and video archives.

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