Welcome to the multi-page form processor

This script helps you chain multiple short forms together into a seamless multipage form, which you can then process by any other
CGI script you wish. You can also use it to create forms with some logic, where certain forms will show up after boxes are checked,
but not otherwise.

In order to use this script, you must add the following to your form declaration for each page that you wish to be processed
by the multipage form:

<FORM ACTION=/cgi-bin/multipageform.cgi METHOD=POST>

You must also create a page to be the last page of the form, which must itself
submit the form to another CGI script with the following:

<FORM ACTION=/path/to/your/script.cgi METHOD=POST>

In addition to the above, there are other fields, some required, some optional, which the form uses to do it's job. They all take a
similar form:

<INPUT type="hidden" name="FieldName" value="SomeValue">

The available fields and uses are as follows:
lastpage REQUIRED The URL for the absolute last page of your form. This last page must submit
your form to another CGI script in order for the form to be processed.
    <INPUT type="hidden" name="lastpage" value "http://your.server/yourlastpage.html">
otherpage REQUIRED The URL for another form page that you wish to be chained to your multipage form.
pageorder optional A comma separated list of web pages in the order you would like them displayed.
    <INPUT type="hidden" name="pageorder" value="page1.html,page2.html,page3.html">
If the pageorder tag is present, the form will display upcoming pages in the order
specified. If a page in the pageorder list is not in the otherpage list, it will
not be displayed. If a page in the otherpage list is not in the pageorder list,
it will be displayed after all pages in the pageorder list.

If the pageorder tag is not present, pages will be presented in the order recieved.

That should get you started! If you have any questions, gripes or complaints, please contact the WITS Help Desk.