Willamette University's Center for Governance and Public Policy Research (CGPPR) works to support the policymaking process in the Northwest with high quality and timely research and analysis on topics pertaining to public policy issues. The Center is founded on the principle that collaboration and communication between the academic and policy-making communities can improve policy. In support of its mission, Center staff works with members of both communities to identify research questions, to provide support for public policy-oriented research by Willamette University faculty, and to disseminate the research results.

In addition to publishing research, the sponsors conferences, seminars, and workshops. It emphasizes projects that involve interdisciplinary collaboration among Willamette University faculties in the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Law, the Atkinson Graduate School of Management, and the School of Education; the Center also encourages collaboration with faculty at other universities. In support of the Willamette's educational mission, the Center aims to involve students in all stages of analysis and dissemination.