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Institute for Modern Government

Applying experience and knowledge to government operations.

Despite the efforts of many hardworking professionals, government is broken - it simply doesn’t perform effectively or efficiently and no one is sure how to fix it.  The Institute for Modern Government tries to improve government through advocacy, education, and tools of modernization.

The Institute is a newly formed organization which serves as a bridge between academic researchers and public sector practitioners.Part of Willamette University’s Atkinson Graduate School of Management (AGSM), the Institute links academic and professional resources to government organizations facing difficult operational and policy issues. 

The organization also supports public workers by providing tools to adapt to the ever-changing challenges of budget shortfalls, political shifts and increased demands for services. 

The IMG Board, made up of experienced government managers and AGSM faculty members, is reaching out to professional organizations to establish research and resource opportunities.  Individuals or organizations interested in participating should contact the Institute. 

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