Keck Art & Technology

In June of 2004, Willamette University received a grant from the W. M. Keck Foundation to develop a collaborative interdisciplinary program in the arts and technology. The goals for this project include:
  • to develop existing digital music and computer graphics programs to serve more students through a series of integrated introductory and advanced courses
  • to establish a minor in arts and technology involving students and faculty from music, computer science, the visual arts, the performing arts, media studies and creative writing
  • to provide a case study for the ways in which technology can be integrated into a liberal arts education
  • to provide a case study for the ways in which faculty from disparate fields can collaborate as researchers, artists, scholars and teachers
  • to foster development of technological literacy as a means of inquiry
  • to raise the caliber of discussion regarding technology and the liberal arts across the Willamette campus