Hogue-Sponenburgh Art Lecture Series

The Hogue-Sponenburgh Art Lectureship, established and endowed by the late Janeth Hogue-Sponenburgh and Mark Sponenburgh, enables the Willamette University Departments of Art and Art History to bring a noted scholar, artist, critic, curator, or leader in the visual arts to campus each year to deliver a public lecture and to meet informally with students and faculty. The Sponenburghs were also the generous donors of a collection of more than 200 historical art objects representing five cultural areas worldwide, which the University received in 1990. The donation of this collection was instrumental in forming a foundation for the establishment of Willamette's Hallie Ford Museum of Art, which opened in the fall of 1998. Since 2011, the annual Hogue-Sponenburgh Art Lectureship has been organized in alternate years by the Department of Art (Studio) and the Department of Art History.

Past Hogue-Sponenburgh Art Lectures

2014: Adam Stennett

Conceptual Artist, Brooklyn, New York

Keep Making Art

2014: Patricia Berger

Professor of Chinese Art History, University of California, Berkeley

Transplanting China on the Global Stage

2013: Myra Greene

Associate Professor of Photography, Columbia College Chicago

My White Friends

2011: George Baker

Associate Professor of Art History, University of California

Paul Thek: Notes from the Underground

2010: Alexander Nagel

Professor of Fine Arts, New York University

Orientations in Renaissance Art

2008: Ellen Dissanayake

Affiliate Professor at the School of Music, University of Washington

The Deep Structure of the Arts

2007: Suzanne Folds McCullagh

Curator of Earlier Prints and Drawings, The Art Institute of Chicago

Leading Ladies with an Eye: Three Generations of Drawing Collectors in Chicago

2006: Dean Porter

Artist, Author, Director Emeritus of Snite Museum of Art at University of Notre Dame

The Rise and Fall of the Taos Society of Artists

2005: Shelby Lee Adams

Documentary Photographer

Appalachian Lives

2003: Fred Wilson

Conceptual Artist

The Silent Message of the Museum

2002: A.D. Coleman

Photography critic, media commentator and educator

Potlatch, Auction and the In-Between: Digital Art and Digital Audiences

2002: Kent R. Weeks

Professor of Egyptology at the American University in Cairo

At Death's Door: The Future of Egypt's Valley of the Kings

2000: David C. Driskell

Distinguished University Professor of art emeritus, University of Maryland, College Park

The African American Continuum: An Historical Overview

1998: James Cuno

Elizabeth and John Moors Cabot Director of the Harvard University Art Museums

To Instruct and Delight: Art Museums at the Turn of the Millennium

1997: H. Alan Shapiro

Professor of classics, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

The Art of Democracy in Classical Athens

1997: Jaroslav Folda

N. Ferebee Taylor Professor of the history of art, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

What is Crusader Art?

1996: Lucy Lippard

Educator, writer and activist

The Lure of the Local

1995: Gordon Gilkey

Educator, printmaker, print collector, curator and arts advocate in Oregon

The 20th Century Contribution to the History of Art

1994: Marcia Tucker

Founder and director of the New Museum of Contemporary Art

Art in Extremis

1993: Alan Trachtenberg

The Neil Gray Jr. Professor of English and American Studies at Yale University

Street Theater: Helen Levitt and American Urban Photography