Indicators of Achievement

Student Learning Outcomes for the Studio Arts Major

  1. See and think creatively
    • Students acquire and develop visual ideas within an interdisciplinary liberal arts context, transforming their visual exploration into artworks that communicate their ideas and reflect their exploration.
  2. Gain skills with materials and techniques
    • This is accomplished through courses such as photography, sculpture, drawing, ceramics, painting, video, etc., which enable students to discover connections and how these media provide means to express their ideas in a visual manner.
  3. Develop a high level of proficiency in drawing
    • Students come to an understanding of how drawing relates to all media as a problem solving tool that can then be used to produce art in different media.
  4. Learn the language of art, including the aesthetic principles that govern composition
    • Students learn to effectively communicate their personal ideas through an ordering process which can be broken down into definable compositional design principles.
  5. Successfully integrate the creative process into a Senior Thesis
    • Students are required to demonstrate their ability to conduct original research, develop a point of view, synthesize their ideas through a strong understanding of a particular material emphasis, and exhibit their resulting Senior Thesis project prior to graduation.
  6. Acquire art historical literacy
    • Required art history courses assure students understand cultural and historical issues that surround and influence contemporary art production.
  7. Develop strong written communication for Studio Art
    • Studio courses introduce written communication in the arts while the Writing for Artists course provides a specific structure for students to learn about and demonstrate professional writing practices in the arts.