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2003-2004 CLA Catalog

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Classical Studies

CLAS 171 (IT; 4th Sem Lang Req) Love and War, Gods and Heroes: Greek and Roman Epic Poetry (1)

The great stories of Greek and Roman epic poetry continue to inspire modern literature, art, and film. In this course, Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, Hesiod's Theogony, and Vergil's Aeneid will be read and discussed in English translation. Emphasis will be on plot and narrative technique, genre characteristics, changes in world view, and the reception of these poems in later periods.

Mode of Inquiry: Interpreting Texts

General Education Requirement Fulfillment: Fourth Semester Language Requirement (Latin and Greek)

  • Offering: Alternate springs
  • Instructor: Knorr

CLAS 221 (IT) Greek and Roman Lives (1)

An introduction to some of the most famous and infamous personalities of the classical world through the ancient literary form of biography.

Mode of Inquiry: Interpreting Texts

  • Offering: Alternate years, spring
  • Instructor: Knorr

CLAS 244 (IT; W; 4th Sem Lang Req) The Greek and Roman Stage (1)

Select plays by Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes, Plautus and Terence will be read as literature and as documents in the cultural history of Greece and Rome. Emphasis will be placed on the performance of these works in their historical context. Continuity and change in the dramatic tradition will be addressed through viewings of modern adaptations of the Greek and Roman models.

General Education Requirement Fulfillment: Writing centered

  • Offering: Alternate years, fall
  • Instructor: Knorr

CLAS 247 (IT; 4th Sem Lang Req) Women in Roman Literature and Life (1)

Through the study of ancient Roman texts in translation, this course explores the life experience of women in ancient Rome and the way their lives are reflected in 500 years of Roman literature. Since most Roman authors were men, students will try to reconstruct women's voices and their human experience by exploring both literary and non-literary sources, such as laws, grave inscriptions, and graffiti. In addition, students will examine artistic representations of women in the form of portrait sculptures and funerary monuments.

Mode of Inquiry: Interpreting Texts

General Education Requirement Fulfillment: Fourth Semester Language Requirement

  • Offering: Alternate springs
  • Instructor: Knorr

CLAS 496 (W) Senior Seminar in Classical Studies (1)

Required course for Classical Studies majors. Students will choose a topic in consultation with Classics faculty, read a text appropriate to that topic in the ancient language(s) and write a substantial research paper.

Prerequisite: Senior standing in Classical Studies or consent of instructor

  • Offering: Spring
  • Instructor:  Staff