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2003-2004 CLA Catalog

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PSYC 130 (NW) Evolutionary Psychology (1)

Evolutionary psychology is an approach to psychology in which concepts from evolutionary biology are utilized to study and understand behavior. Specifically, the brain, like other organs, evolved through natural selection, leading to behavioral mechanisms that promote the individual's ability to adapt to his/her environment, survive and reproduce. Because evolutionary theory represents a way of thinking, virtually any area within psychology would be appropriate for inclusion with specific content used to illustrate evolution as a Mode of Inquiry into behavioral processes. The topical focus may include (but is not limited to) comparative analyses of emotional expression, communication and social relations within and between species from a behavior analytic and biopsychosocial framework. Laboratory. Freshmen and Sohpomores only. This course does not count toward a Psychology major or minor.

Mode of Inquiry: Understanding the Natural World

  • Offering: Alternate years
  • Instructor: Koger