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Home-Schooled Students

Willamette University is interested in enrolling students from diverse educational institutions, including those who have received much or all of their education in non-traditional settings. Home-schooled students whose goals and values complement the mission and philosophy of the university, and who are therefore likely to benefit greatly from all that the campus offers, are encouraged to apply. Students who are successful at Willamette are typically self-directed, creative and service-minded. Any information the applicant can present that demonstrates the aforementioned qualities will allow us to make more informed comparisons to other applicants.

The guidelines below represent our best effort to fairly assess a home-schooled student's educational preparation and achievements and to appropriately make comparisons to the educational achievements of other applicants in our competitive admission process.

Home-schooled applicants must include the following information in addition to completing the Willamette University Application for Undergraduate Admission or the Common Application:

1. A portfolio of work to include samples of work from the two most recent years, a comprehensive list of books/texts read over the course of the secondary education, a detailed outline of the curriculum studies during this same period and a list of any activities in which the student participated outside of the home during the secondary education. NOTE: It is assumed that a home-schooled student's secondary education will encompass a four-year period of study, allowing for appropriate sequences of coursework in the college preparatory subjects of English, mathematics, foreign language, laboratory sciences and history/social studies.

(a) One sample of work should be a writing sample such as a term paper, thesis or literature analysis.

(b) The curriculum outline can include descriptions of course work/content from recognized, published curriculum guides and programs or a detailed transcript from the teacher/parent.

(c) The list of books should include only those read as part of the academic program.

2. SAT I or ACT test with writing/essay scores.

3. A minimum of two letters of recommendations, one from a parent/teacher and one from a non-family individual who is knowledgeable about the student's academic abilities/potential or who can address personal qualities such as responsibility, creativity, service and initiative.

4. An interview and campus visit is strongly recommended. The interview may be with an admission counselor or an alumni admission representative.

Home-schooled students who have completed course work at an accredited college or university should include official transcripts of that work. No more than eight Willamette credits (the equivalent of 32 semester or 48 quarter credit hours) will be granted for credit completed prior to what would be considered the high school graduation date. Students who complete an Associate of Arts degree from a community college or the equivalent of a high school diploma with community college courses will enter Willamette with no more than sophomore standing.

Home-schooled applicants who are admitted to Willamette University are eligible to apply for federal and state financial aid programs. In addition, admitted home-schooled students are considered for the same merit-based scholarships as all other first-year applicants.