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Alumni Association

All students who have attended Willamette University two or more years are considered members of the Alumni Association. Any person who graduates is automatically considered a member of the association.

The existence of the association is a recognition on the part of the University and alumni that (1) interest in education does not end when a student leaves; (2) the campus has played a significant role in the lives of those who have studied and lived here; (3) there are many benefits to alumni who participate in Alumni Association programs; and (4) the institution will derive important benefit from the continued interest of its former students.

Alumni throughout the country assist the Office of Admission by serving as liaisons between the University and high school students, counselors, and parents. The Alumni Career Network numbers over 3,500 and is accessible on the Internet; call the Alumni Office for access to the Network.

The Association’s activities and programs include the following: annual alumni recognition awards, class and special group reunions, establishment of and support for Willamette alumni clubs throughout the United States and in Japan, assistance with providing information for the Willamette Scene and other alumni publications, opportunities for continuing education through study tours, support services for alumni groups such as those for the College of Law and the Atkinson Graduate School of Management, living organizations and athletic and academic departments, annual campus Homecoming/Reunion Weekend, and raising funds to help meet University annual needs, especially financial aid, as well as supporting capital campaigns and special projects.

All alumni programs are administered through the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations. The management of the Association is vested with a board of directors composed of the officers, 21 directors, two members of the University faculty, and two current students. Two alumni serve on the University Board of Trustees as representatives of the Association and numerous other alumni are members of the Board of Trustees.