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Standards of Conduct

To enable Willamette University to fulfill its purpose, it is the common responsibility of all persons associated with the University — students, faculty, administrators, alumni, and trustees — to maintain and to improve a campus climate which generates enthusiasm for learning and respect for human dignity, to represent the University in the broader social community in a manner consistent with the principles and purposes of the University, and to respect University standards in their conduct. Standards of conduct are applicable to all members of the University community, including visitors and guests, and are designed to promote individual and group governance with dignity, decency, and maturity. In particular, such standards are directed toward social and living relationships pertinent to the University as a residential community. It is assumed that each individual recognizes his/her responsibility to the University community and that ultimately he/she can be held accountable by other members of the community for failure to assume those responsibilities.

Standards of Conduct and related rules having university-wide application are formulated by the joint action of students and faculty members in the University Campus Life Committee. They are given authorization with the approval of the President of the University acting on behalf of the Board of Trustees. Standards of Conduct represent the best consensus that has been achieved through the active participation of the various constituent parts of the University community. As such, these are community expectations and neither legal prescriptions nor moral absolutes. Measures taken in regard to those who do not conform to these standards are not punishment for actions committed, but are sanctions for failure to fulfill responsibility.

The policies governing student conduct, judicial and appeal procedures, possible penalties for violations of the Standards of Conduct, and grievance procedures are included in the Selected Policies Manual for Willamette University. The Selected Policies Manual is distributed to all students at the beginning of each academic year and is updated on the Web ( to provide all members of the campus community with information governing campus conduct and judicial procedures.