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Willamette University

900 State Street
Salem, Oregon 97301

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The Mark O. Hatfield Library

Opened in 1986, the Mark O. Hatfield Library serves as the library for the College of Liberal Arts, the School of Education, and the Atkinson Graduate School of Management. The building is a gracious, modern, glass-walled structure that overlooks the Mill Race and Jackson Plaza, one of the main gathering places on campus. The library offers students and faculty a diverse, well-chosen collection of more than 260,000 volumes, over 1,400 print and electronic journal subscriptions, and computer access to information and documents from around the world. The facility also houses a collection of United States Government documents, the Mark O. Hatfield Archives, the Willamette collection, the Rare Book collection, and a collection of Pacific Northwest materials.

A highly qualified staff of librarians and support personnel, committed to developing and maintaining strong collections and services, supports the research needs of the Willamette community. Each academic department and school has a liaison librarian with whom students and faculty can work. Course-related instruction presented by liaison librarians ensures that students not only find the information they need to satisfy course requirements, but also learn the search strategies needed to retrieve and critically evaluate information in a society that places increasing importance upon these skills. Librarians are also available at the reference desk, by phone, and by email. Liaison librarians are also available by appointment for individual research consultations.

The book collection, developed over more than a century, provides strong support for undergraduate and some graduate research. The book stacks are open to all. The library’s holdings also include a collection of musical scores and classical music on CD. A videotape collection of classic motion pictures and instructional films designed to support courses across the curriculum is available. These films may be borrowed by students for home viewing. An efficient interlibrary borrowing service utilizes a national computer network, an Ariel telefacsimile workstation, and a developed electronic document delivery system for locating and rapidly retrieving materials not available in the local collection.

The Hatfield library catalog is automated and includes records of all books and most other library holdings. Connected to the University computer network, the catalog is available 24 hours a day from office, home, or residence hall. The library also participates in Orbis, a consortium of academic libraries in Oregon and Washington that share an on-line catalog. The Orbis catalog provides information on the nearly five million volumes held by the member libraries. Orbis
automated borrowing allows students and faculty to initiate their on-line orders for books from the other member libraries and books are delivered within 2-3 days. Participation in Orbis is designed to enhance the local collection and the traditionally strong interlibrary loan borrowing service.

The InfoStation, the library’s in-house public workstation, is designed to improve the integration of print and electronic resources, and to help students with the research process. Most of the library’s networked databases are available from the InfoStation at the click of a button. With its large display and quick response time, the InfoStation is an excellent gateway to a vast array of electronic resources. The library’s Web page, the WebStation, parallels the design of the InfoStation, making a growing number of Web-based resources available to computers connected to the campus network.

The Hatfield library includes many attractive areas suitable for study and reflection. A variety of displays are hosted and lectures, readings, and recitals are held frequently in the Mark O. Hatfield Room. The Hatfield Archives house the papers and memorabilia of former United States Senator Mark O. Hatfield. Hatfield memorabilia are available for viewing in a continuously changing public display. A 24-hour study room equipped with vending machines provides study space during the hours the library is closed.

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