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2004-2005 CLA Catalog

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MUSC 032X (*CA) Wind Ensemble (.25)

The Willamette University Wind Ensemble is a large wind and percussion ensemble. The Wind Ensemble is not a set-instrumentation group. It is a pool of players from which many different ensemble configurations may be drawn. This system allows the Wind Ensemble to challenge the most talented and dedicated players on campus while allowing members with less time or experience to participate in a meaningful and artistic way. The ensemble performs music from a wide variety of styles, time periods, and traditions and gives two or three public concerts per semester. The Wind Ensemble is open to all students regardless of academic concentration. 

Mode of Inquiry: Creating in the Arts (To receive Creating in the Arts credit in Music Ensemble courses, students must take four Music Ensemble courses in one discipline, i.e., vocal or instrumental)

Prerequisite: For the advanced musician, by audition

  • Offering: Every semester
  • Instructor: Robblee