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Center for Excellence in Teaching

The Center for Excellence in Teaching (CET) provides continuing education courses and programs for teachers. There are five components of the Center for Excellence in Teaching: partner workshop courses, professional development courses, a Continuing Teaching License Program, endorsement programs, and administrative license programs. All courses are earned in quarter-hour credits.

Partner workshop courses are sponsored by other entities, and the CET provides university credit for them.

The professional development courses are initiated by the CET and address the great variety of interests and needs of the classroom teacher and the school administrator, as they respond to new challenges and regulations. These courses can be used by in-service teachers to meet requirements for Professional Development Units and Professional Growth Plans, as required by the school districts and the Teachers Standards and Practices Commission/TSPC.

The Continuing Teaching License Program serves teachers in Oregon who hold an Oregon Initial License and are working toward their Oregon Continuing License. This program has been approved by the TSPC.

The endorsement programs component currently has two TSPC-approved programs: the English Speaker of Other Languages (ESOL) Endorsement Program and the Reading Specialist Endorsement Program. These programs are offered to in-service teachers, as well as pre-service teachers belonging to an endorsement cadre (concurrently enrolled in the School of Education MAT Program.

The New Directions in Educational Leadership (NDEL) administrative programs prepare educational leaders to respond positively, creatively and proactively to the increasing demands for school/district achievement; an increasingly diverse population; a greater reliance on technology; and a commitment to learning, research, and ethical administrative practice. The NDEL prepares candidates for an Oregon Initial and/or Continuing Administrator’s License.