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2004-2005 CLA Catalog

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Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation consists of five programs: Intramurals, Extramurals, Fitness, Special Events, and Sport Clubs. Intramurals are divided into League Intramurals (weekly scheduled games) and Tournament Intramurals (compete in a one or two day format). Our Extramural Program sends our intramural champions in various sports to compete against other university intramural champions in a state or regional tournament. The Fitness Program (non-credit) offers different classes to meet the needs of the student body. Classes offered include, but are not limited to: Pilates, Martial Arts, Hip-Hop, and Cardio Kick. Special Events include the Opening Days Grass Volleyball Tournament and Dorm Wars -- our end of the year competition in which each residence hall competes against each other in various events to crown a campus champion. Finally our Sport Club Program enables men and women to participate in regional and intercollegiate activities, organized by students for students, outside the athletic department. Currently, Willamette University officially recognizes the following sport clubs: Men's and Women's Lacrosse, Swing Dance, Ultimate Frisbee, Dance Team, Cheer Squad, Jujitsu, Ski and Snowboard, Bowling, Educated Climbing Bums, Surfahs, and Kickball.