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2005-2006 CLA Catalog

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Computer Science

CS 140 (CA) Computer Graphics: The Art of Ray Tracing (1)

Ray tracing is a technique for creating realistic 3D computer-generated images by tracing the rays of light that start at a light source, bounce off objects and ultimately make their way into the eyes of the viewer. Each time a ray hits an object, the colors present in the ray are absorbed and/or reflected depending on the physical properties of the object’s surface. The interaction is modeled using simple rules of physics and geometry. In this course, students will learn how ray tracing works and will use the ray tracing program POV-Ray to create a portfolio of images. A primary focus will be to learn about creative design in the context of computer graphics.

Mode of Inquiry: Creating in the Arts

Prerequisites: MATH 130 or equivalent or consent of instructor.

  • Offering: Spring
  • Instructor: Orr