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HIST 251 Rome: Republic, Empire, and Memory to A.D. 600 (1)

This course will examine the rise and fall of the Roman Republic, the challenges faced by the Principate, the Christianization of the Roman Empire, and the gradual transformation of the Roman Empire into barbarian kingdoms in the west and the Byzantine Empire in the east. Particular attention will be paid to how Roman expansion affected the development of Roman identity as it was experienced by the inhabitants of the city of Rome and those whom Rome conquered; how the socio-economic and political pressures of ruling an extensive empire eventually contributed to the fall of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Principate; how the structure of Roman government and the daily lives of the Romans changed during the third century; how Roman identity changed with the Christianization of the empire; and how Rome was remembered in western Europe and Byzantium.

  • Offering: Alternate Falls
  • Instructor: Staff