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2005-2006 CLA Catalog

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MATH 325 (QA) Mathematics for Teachers (1)

The objective of this course is to present mathematics in a format that prepares teachers to teach mathematics in the public schools. Teachers need a firm foundation in the theory of mathematics as it pertains to their particular curricula. They also need ideas and methods for teaching that will generate interest and enthusiasm among the students. The course will emphasize mathematics as a method of communication and reasoning. Topics selected to be relevant to elementary, middle, and/or high school curricula will depend on the interests of the students, but will have a strong problem-solving emphasis. The course will require an extensive early field experience in the public school classroom.

General Studies Requirement Fulfillment: Quantitative and Analytical Reasoning

Prerequisite: Previous or concurrent enrollment in EDUC 305 or consent of instructor

  • Offering: On demand
  • Instructor: Prothero