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2005-2006 CLA Catalog

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Willamette University

900 State Street
Salem, Oregon 97301

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From the President

M. Lee Pelton - Headshot

The core of Willamette University is academic excellence and the importance that we place on the engagement of students in the learning process.

Willamette University is student-centered. Our mission is to awaken the minds and hearts of young people to the many and varied joys found in the cultivation of the intellect. Our students live and learn in an environment of intellectual rigor. Learning is our business; education our outcome.

An academically gifted student body invigorates campus life with intellectual liveliness. Students achieve high standards in written assignments, laboratory activities and other academic requirements. And just as they are challenged in their classroom experiences, they, in turn, stimulate and encourage even greater teaching excellence of our faculty.

Willamette University's commitment to the value of ideas, the transforming power of language, intellectual honesty and personal responsibility are key to establishing the fundamental shape of our commitment to society, of which we are an essential part. Thus, Willamette also has as one of its most cherished and difficult educational objectives - to educate for civic responsibility. As a university, we thrive because we have never lost sight of that belief - never lost sight of educating for social engagement. It conveys a philosophy of a democratic society in which citizenship, social responsibility and community are aligned with each other.

A liberal arts education at Willamette University prepares our students well for a life of meaning and hope. Willamette is a place where students can grow, confident in their capacity to think plainly, to write with grace and wit, to speak persuasively and to co-join intellectual fortitude with moral courage.

In today's world, few things are more important than the cultivation of educated young men and women, clear-headed, tempered by historical perspective, disciplined by the hard truth of science, imbued with personal integrity and with hearts warmed to the transforming power of virtue and beauty.

The goal of Willamette University is to make you that kind of person.

M. Lee Pelton

M. Lee Pelton