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2005-2006 CLA Catalog

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Willamette University

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Administration -- Office of Campus Life

  • Robert E. Hawkinson, Dean; B.A., Swarthmore College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Chicago
  • David Rigsby, Assistant Dean,  B.A., Willamette University
  • Colleen Spedale, Assistant to the Dean; B.A., Lewis and Clark


  • Mark H. Majeski, Director; B.A., Menlo College; M.A., San Jose State University
  • Matthew S. Allison, Baseball Coach/Fitness Center Manager, B.A., University of California-Riverside; M.A., Syracuse University; M.A., New School of Social Research
  • Deborah Cagle, Athletic Trainer; B.S., San Jose University; M.S., University of Arizona
  • Jeffrey Enquist, Men's Soccer Coach
  • Judith Bond Gordon, Assistant Athletics Director/Senior Woman Administrator; B.S., Oregon State University
  • Bruce Henderson, Women's Basketball Coach; B.S., Willamette University
  • Tom Hibbard, Women's Golf Coach; B.A., Pomona College, Ph.D., Claremont University Center Graduate School 
  • Gordon James, Men’s Basketball Coach; B.S., California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, M.S., Azusa Pacific University
  • Raymond Kenitzer, Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities and Operations; B.A., St. Olaf College; M.A., Ed.D., University of Northern Colorado 
  • Matt McGuirk, Men's and Women's Cross Country and Track and Field Coach, B.S., University of Oregon
  • Rodney Mott, Men's and Women's Crew Coach; B.A., Washington State University
  • Stephen Prothero, Men’s Golf Coach; B.S., M.A., Oregon State University
  • Becky Roberts, Women's Tennis Coach; B.S., University of Texas-Austin; M.A., University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Mark Speckman, Football Coach; B.A., Azusa Pacific University; M.A., Columbia Pacific University
  • Alan G. Stephenson, Men's and Women's Swim Coach/Aquatics Director, Equipment Room Supervisor; B.S., Florida State University
  • Geoffrey H. Sugarman, Interim Director of Sports Information
  • James Tursi, Men's and Women's Soccer Coach; B.A., University of Portland
  • Shane Wibel, Athletic Trainer; B.S., Western Oregon University; M.P.H., Oregon State University
  • R. Damian Williams, Softball Coach/Events Manager; B.S., Seattle Pacific University 
  • Tricia Wright, Volleyball Coach; B.S., University of LaVerne

Campus Recreation

  • Bryan Schmidt, Director; B.S., University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse

Career Services

  • Nancy M. Norton, Director; B.A., University of Manitoba; M.Ed., Utah State University
  • Catherine D. Lutz, Career Advisor and Programming Coordinator; B.S., Western Oregon University


  • Charles Wallace, Chaplain and Associate Professor of Reglious Studies; B.A., Bowdoin College; B.D., Yale University; Ph.D., Duke University
  • Karen L. Wood, Associate Chaplain for Vocational Exploration; B.A., Brown University; M.Div., Th.D., Harvard University

Community Service Learning

  • Khela Singer-Adams, Director, B.A., M.S., University of Oregon
  • Jennifer Hofmann, Outreach Coordinator; B.A., Rivier College

Counseling Services

  • Deborah L. Loers, Director and Dean of Student Development; B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Ben Coleman, Counselor; B.S., University of Oregon; M.S., Western Oregon University  
  • Karen M. Creswell, Counselor; B.A., Vassar College; M.A., Stanford; M.S., University of Illinois, Urbana; Psy.D., University of Illinois, Urbana
  • Rebecca M. Miller-Moe, Counselor; B.A., Albertson's College of Idaho; M.A., University of Denver; Ph.D., University of Missouri-Columbia
  • Jack Wills, Counselor, B.J., University of Missouri; B.S., Portland State University; M.S., Portalnd State University

Disability and Learning Services

  • Jo Anne M. Hill, Director; B.A., Illinois State University; M.A., University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Multicultural Affairs

  • Gordon Toyama, Director; B.A., Whitworth College; M.Ed., Azusa Pacific University  

Residence Life

  • Marilyn Derby, Director; B.S., M.S., Colorado State University
  • Ryan Hamachek, Kaneko Area Coordinator; B.A., Edgewood College
  • Bernie Liang, Associate Director; B.S., Penn State University; M.A., Seattle University
  • Amanda Palmer, Westside Area Coordinator; B.A., Linfield College,
  • Terri Tran, Eastside Area Coordinator; B.A., University of Califorina, Los Angeles
  • Dave Wallace, Cornerstone and Fraternities Area Coordinator; B.A., Western Illinois University

Student Academic Grants and Awards 

  • Monique Bourque, Director; B.A., Montana State University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Delaware

Student Activities

  • Lisa C. Holliday, Associate Dean of Campus Life and Director of Student Activities ; B.A., University of Washington; M.A., Bowling Green State University
  • Michael Hevel, Assistant Director; B.A., University of Kansas; M.A., Bowling Green State University
  • Bryan Schmidt, Director of Campus Recreation; B.S., University of Wisconsin/La Crosse

Student Health Services 

  • Margaret Trout, Director; R.N.; B.S., University of Portland School of Nursing
  • Anne Barry-Lever, Nurse Practitioner; B.S., Oregon Health Sciences University; M.S., University of Portland
  • Barbara Hill, Nurse Practitioner; B.A., Fresno State University; M.N., A.N.P., Oregon Health and   Sciences University