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Willamette University

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Admission to Willamette University is selective. Each year approximately 470 first-year and 50 transfer students are enrolled for the Fall semester from a group of slightly more 3,000 applicants. As a selective institution, Willamette University does not operate on a rolling admission basis. Willamette reviews all applicants as a group, selecting those students who show the greatest likelihood of benefiting from and contributing to the academic and co-curricular richness of the campus community.

Each application is reviewed for its individual merits, with consideration for diversity as well as a balance of academic and personal strengths. Although a personal interview is not required for admission, it is strongly encouraged. A student body demonstrating high intellectual achievement, curiosity, social awareness, interesting personal qualities and ethnic, religious, socioeconomic and geographic diversity is sought.

In keeping with Willamette’s academic nature, academic transcripts receive the greatest consideration in the admission decision. Preference for first-year applicants is given to those who have completed a minimum of four years of college preparatory English and mathematics and three years each of foreign language, laboratory science and social studies (history). It is expected that a student's work in academic subjects will include Honors, Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate courses where those are available in the secondary school curriculum.

The record of a transfer applicant is reviewed in much the same way except it is the college record that is given greatest emphasis. Successful transfer applicants should present previous college coursework suitable in subject matter and level of challenge for transfer to a rigorous liberal arts and sciences program.

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