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2005-2006 CLA Catalog

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Willamette University

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Bishop Wellness Center

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Counseling Services

The Counseling Service offers psychological counseling to assist individual students, couples, and small groups to deal with personal crises, eating disorders, social and academic transitions, family relations, alcohol, and other drug problems. Other issues of concern to the individual such as health issues, time management, stress, and anxiety reduction may also be discussed with the counselors.

If problems are of a long-term nature or require medication, the staff of the Counseling Center will work with the individual to assess his/her needs and, if necessary, refer the student to appropriate resources. All services are confidential.

Disability and Learning Services

The mission of this office is to facilitate accommodations for those students with a qualifying disability or temporary medical condition and to provide academic assistance on an individual basis to any student who requests it. Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact this office as soon as they are accepted to discuss the necessary documentation and individualized accommodations/services.

Health Services

The University Health Services staff delivers health care for illnesses, minor injuries, and preventive care. In addition, Health Services seeks to assist students through patient education to maintain good health and to seek and utilize appropriate health care services at Willamette and in the community. Students with special health care needs should contact Health Services early in the semester so that staff can assist in developing a plan of care.

Other services include medical care for men’s and women’s reproductive health, a self-help center with non-prescription medications and information, and assistance with referral to medical specialists in the Salem community.

Following requirements of the State of Oregon Health Division, all incoming students must show evidence of two immunizations for measles. The Health History forms in the admission packet provide a way to verify compliance. This requirement is for the health and safety of the entire University community.


The University offers a Student Health Insurance Plan for medical service coverage including mental health. This is a $10,000 aggregate policy and is intended as a secondary insurance, meaning that other coverage must be utilized first, when available. Additionally, if you are covered by a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) or a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), you should check with them regarding out-of-area coverage and ascertain if you will be covered by them while at Willamette. All students are enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan and if the student has other health insurance, they may elect to sign a waiver out of this student plan.