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Religious Life

True to its heritage as a United Methodist-related university, Willamette affirms the significance of religion in personal and social life, while at the same time rejecting narrow sectarianism. Consequently, it offers a variety of voluntary opportunities for growth in religious understanding, commitment, and action. The Office of the Chaplain organizes worship, speakers, forums, and discussion groups. It is also the University liaison with the various denominational and para-church groups on campus, among which are InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Campus Ambassadors, Willamette International Christian-Students Fellowship, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Newman Club (Catholic), Jewish Student Union, the Latter Day Saints Student Association, and the United Methodist Student Fellowship. Depending on enrollment and interest, other groups (e.g., Muslims and Buddhists) receive organizational support from the office. Under the Lilly Endowment Grant for the Theological Exploration of Vocation, the office also provides counseling for students making such decisions (particularly those interested in the ministry and other helping and social change professions). Counseling is also available for couples preparing for marriage and for those wrestling with religious issues.