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Willamette Integrated Technology Services (WITS)

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Willamette Integrated Technology Services (WITS) enables the effective and Innovative use of technologies in teaching, learning, research, and administration. The department provides leadership, facilities, equipment, and staff support for the use of information technologies, including computer hardware and software, classroom equipment, data networks (wired and wireless), multimedia equipment, graphics production, instructional design, administrative systems, and telecommunications.

All faculty, students and staff are eligible to have accounts to access the University's network, though additional authorization may be required to use particular resources. Within the bounds of the University's Acceptable Use Policy, faculty, students, and staff have virtually unrestricted use of the facilities at no charge. In order to provide primary support to all users of campus computing facilities, WITS maintains a Help Desk that is staffed both by WITS employees and students. The Help Desk is normally open for business during normal working hours, but during the beginning of the semester the hours are extended considerably. A group of User Services Consultants provides technical support to various campus constituencies.

Facilities and resources available through WITS begin with the campus data network and the telephone system. The campus network offers access to electronic mail, file storage, the on-line catalog of the Hatfield library, administrative services, the Blackboard course management system, a variety of software applications, the University's web site, and the internet. Other facilities include a general access computer lab, an instructional development center, a multimedia workroom, a small video recording studio, a language learning center, and a faculty development/training room. A number of classrooms are equipped with video and data projection capabilities; nearly all classrooms have overhead projectors, video monitors, and network connections. Equipment available for circulation includes laptop computers, cameras, digital cameras, video recorders, video projectors, and sound systems. Other equipment available for use includes scanners, slide scanners, film recorders, DV and DVD transfer equipment, and video editing equipment.

All University owned computer workstations are connected to the campus network with access to the internet and most general-purpose software applications. The general access lab is open to students 24-hours a day, seven days a week during the academic year. Other computer facilities, including the Language Learning Center, are open to students except during scheduled classes. In addition, all residence hall rooms have network connections. Students bringing their own computers to campus may connect them to the network, as long as the machines meet certain minimum standards. The University provides for dial-in access from off-campus for all students, faculty and staff to access the campus network.

Through the Instructional Design Center, WITS provides a wide variety of support services to faculty wishing to incorporate information technologies into instruction. WITS also offers workshops for students, faculty, and staff on the use of computers, application software, the campus network, the internet, as well as development of web sites and electronic presentations. User Services staff consult with faculty and students concerning software applications, hardware appropriate to those applications, the use of multimedia for teaching and presentations, computer-aided instructional methods and general questions about any aspect of computing at Willamette.

The WITS Multi-media Production group provides “for-fee” services to develop and produce video material, photographic slides, brochures, posters and other materials related to instruction and campus activities. The multi-media workroom is also available for self-service development of many of these same kinds of materials.

Four other services of WITS — Network and Systems Management, Administrative Computing, Telecommunications, and Technical Services — provide support and maintenance for the campus network equipment and servers, the administrative information system, the telephone and voice mail systems and the University's technology equipment in offices, classrooms, and laboratories.