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Room and Meal Plan Rates

All students living in a residence hall or fraternity are required to participate in the Willamette Meal Plan Program. The Willamette Meal Plan has been designed with flexibility to meet the unique needs of each student. The meal plan program has two parts. Part I consists of "all you can eat" Meal Plan dinners from Sunday through Friday and brunch on Saturday. Part II is a Meal Plan Points program, which offers four different Points options. Points meals are breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday, dinner Saturday and brunch Sunday. Food at these meals is offered "a la carte."

Meals are served throughout the school year in three locations: Goudy Commons, Kaneko Hall, and the Bearcat Cavern in the University Center (Monday through Friday, breakfast and lunch only). No meal service is provided during Thanksgiving break and winter and spring vacations.

The room and meal plan costs include four different meal plan choices. Costs for 2005-2006 are as follows:

Room & Board per

Room & Meals per
Academic Year

Meal Plan Points per
$3,450.00 $6,900.00 350
$3,500.00 $7,000.00 425


$3,550.00 $7,100.00 525
$3,600.00 $7,200.00 650

*Room rates are based on multiple-occupancy. Single rooms are an additional $375 per semester ($312.50 per semester in Lee/York/fraternities.)

Willamette University’s 'Residency Requirement' states that all freshmen and sophomores are required to live on campus unless they are married, over the age of 21, or living with parent(s) within a commutable distance of 25 miles or less. Freshmen and sophomores who meet these criteria and who plan to live off campus need to provide supporting documentation to the Residential Services before making arrangements to live off campus.

All students contract for rooms for the full academic year. Room and meal plan charges are payable by the semester in advance. No refund is allowed for meals missed. If a student withdraws from the University, the student is responsible for room and meal plan costs through the date of check out.