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2006-2007 CLA Catalog

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PHIL 150 (AR) Reason and Value in Plato’s Republic (1)

In the Republic, Plato defines the life of virtue against a skeptical position that denies any significant connection between morality and happiness. Plato’s defense of the view that the just life is always the happiest (and that injustice always makes one wretched) involves arguments about the nature of the soul, the meaning of happiness, the relation of individual and community, the nature of education, the limits of government and the role of art in a well-lived life. The aim of this course is to examine those arguments critically and, in the process, to deepen our understanding of what is involved in defending moral values on rational grounds.

Mode of Inquiry: Analyzing Arguments, Reasons and Values

  • Offering: Fall
  • Instructor: Havas