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2007-2008 CLA Catalog

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Art and Art History: Art

ARTS 496 (CA) Senior Seminar (0.5 Fall; 0.5 Spring)

The Senior Seminar is the culminating experience in the Studio Art major program. The seminar is devoted to all aspects of conceptualizing and preparing a major work or series of work for final exhibition in the Hallie Ford Museum of Art. Students work on their senior projects independently throughout fall and spring semesters with supervision of one or more studio faculty advisor. Special guest lecturers and topics also presented. This is offered as a single, year-long course. The credit is divided 0.5 in the Fall and 0.5 in the Spring. You must register for it each semester.

General Education Requirement Fulfillment: Creating in the Arts

Prerequisite: Senior Art Majors only

  • Offering: Fall/Spring
  • Instructor: Grew, Fourie, Thompson, Opie