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2007-2008 CLA Catalog

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Willamette University

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Salem, Oregon 97301

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College of Law

Symeon C. Symeonides, Dean and Professor of Law
LL.B., (Private Law & Public Law) University of Thessaloniki (Greece); LL.M., S.J.D., Harvard University

Kathy T. Graham, Associate Dean and Professor of Law
B.A., University of California, Berkeley; J.D., University of California, Davis

Peter V. Letsou, Associate Dean and Professor of Law
B.A., Harvard College; J.D., University of Chicago

Anne Marie Becka, Communications Director
B.A., M.A., University of Missouri-Columbia; M.S., Boston University College of Communication; Stanford Professional Publishing Program, Stanford University


Carolyn Dennis, Director
B.A., University of California, Davis

Brian D. Miller, Assistant Director
B.A., University of Michigan; J.D., Detroit College of Law; M.A., Seattle University

Career Services

Phylis Chadwell Myles, Director
B.A., University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana; J.D., Lewis and Clark

Norma S. Freitas, Assistant Director
B.A., Boston University; J.D., Boston College

Center for Dispute Resolution

Richard Birke, Director and Associate Professor of Law
B.A., Tulane University; J.D., New England School of Law; LL.M., Harvard University

Clinical Law Program

W. Warren H. Binford, Assistant Professor of Law and Director of the Clinical Law Program
B.A., Ed.M., Boston University; J.D., Harvard University

David A. Friedman, Visiting Assistant Professor of Clinical Legal Education
B.A., Yale College; J.D., Yale University

Development and Alumni Relations

Michael W. Bennett, Director of Development and Alumni Relations
B.A., Willamette University; M.A., New York University

Catherine M. McCann, Associate Director of Alumni Relations
B.A., University of Oregon; J.D., Willamette University

Law Library

Richard F. Breen, Director and Professor of Law
A.B., Dartmouth College; LL.B., University of Maine; M.L.S., University of Oregon

Elysabeth Hall, Department Head for Technical Services
B.A., California State University, Humboldt; M.L.S., University of Oregon

Marcia Hoak, Reference Librarian
A.B ., Ohio University; M.L.S., San Jose State University

Timothy Kelly, Department Head for Public Services
B.A., University of Kansas; J.D., Washburn University; M.L.S., Emporia State University

Don Oswalt, Reference Librarian
B.A., Albion College; M.L.S., Emporia State University; MS, Oceanography - Old Dominion University; MMA, Marine Affairs - University of Rhode Island

Martha Renick, Reference Librarian
B.A., University of Virginia; J.D., University of Richmond; M.L.S., University of Arizona

Craig A. Smith, Reference Librarian
B.A., Pacific University; M.L.S., University of Oregon

Multicultural Affairs

Marva C. Fabien, Coordinator
B.A., University of Oregon; J.D., Lewis and Clark

Oregon Law Commission

David R. Kenagy, Executive Director
B.A., Pomona College; J.D., University of California, Los Angeles

Wendy Johnson, Deputy Director
B.A., Central University of Iowa; J.D., Willamette University

Samuel E. Sears, Staff Attorney
B.S., University of Oregon; J.D., Willamette University

Gerald G. Watson, Special Counsel
B.A., Willamette University; Ph.D., M.A., University of Florida; J.D., University of Colorado

Student Affairs

Edward J. Harri, Assistant Dean
B.A., Walla Walla College; M.S.A.S., Montana State University; J.D., Willamette University