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2008-2009 CLA Catalog

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Asian Studies

ASIA 258 Topics in Asian Studies (1)

This course studies specific topics such as socio-economic policy, history, oral history, ethnic identity, literature, religion, language, art, folklore, or film from inter-disciplinary perspectives. In addition to the theoretical discussion, fieldwork and community service may be involved. Group and individual projects and assignments are expected.

Prerequisite: None. A course related to the topic suggested.

  • Offering: Alternate Years
  • Instructor: Staff

ASIA 352 Field Study in Asia (1)

This post-session course is conducted in one or more Asian countries, focusing on the social changes of the target countries in their transition from and conflict between tradition and modernity in a globalizing world. A fieldwork-based course, its topics include political system, cultural and artistic expressions, economic changes, holiday and festival celebrations, language, ethnicity, or other aspects of globalization and localization. There will be trips to museums, cultural relics, schools, factories and villages, lectures and discussions on the road and at the site, guest lectures on topics chosen, and reading on the topics chosen. With first-hand experience of participation and observation, the course will enhance the students' understanding of the cultures and people of the target countries. Post-session.

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor

  • Offering: Alternate years
  • Instructor: Staff

ASIA 390 and 391 Independent Study (.5 or 1)

Intensive study of a selected topic. Normally for juniors or seniors who are majors in Asian Studies. Requires program faculty approval. May be repeated with different content.

  • Offering: On demand
  • Instructor: Staff

ASIA 499 (W) Senior Seminar (1)

[Crosslisted with JAPN 499 and CHNSE 499]

Provides a framework for students to develop a research project or other equivalent activity in consultation with faculty. The objective of the Senior Year Experience will be to consolidate and integrate the student's knowledge of Japan, China, and/or Asia more generally and the fields of Japanese, Chinese, and/or Asian Studies. Majors in Japanese, Chinese, or Asian Studies. Conducted in English.

General Education Requirement Fulfillment: Writing centered

  • Offering: Spring
  • Instructor: Staff