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ARCH 498 Advanced Archaeology Field School (1)

This four- to six-week course offers advanced training in archaeological field techniques, theory and recording. Students may participate in either the Sangro Valley Project or another archaeological excavation.  Students will work closely with senior excavation staff to coordinate, manage and supervise excavations and/or survey teams. Students are responsible for the daily upkeep of field books, recording logs, section drawings, and data entry. Students will develop and write summaries for each context they oversee. In many instances, participants will work alongside first-year field archaeology students and assists in the training of basic field techniques and methodology. Students will be required to keep a journal of their experience and write a substantial research paper relating their excavation to an important and relevant archaeological question. Students must consult with their advisor before enrolling in the Advanced Archaeology Field School.

  • Offered: On demand
  • Instructor: Pike