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Willamette University

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The chief purpose of Willamette University is the establishment of a community in which learning and teaching will flourish. Its invigorating atmosphere for learning features small classes, close student-teacher relationships, and a diversity of programs and learning methods to meet individual student objectives. Equally important, Willamette attempts to provide an environment in which students may develop qualities that will enhance the varied dimensions of their future personal, civic, and professional lives.

The undergraduate College of Liberal Arts offers the Bachelor of Arts degree, requiring study in a foreign language, in quantitative analysis, and in several modes of inquiry. A Bachelor of Music is also offered. At the graduate level, Willamette's well-known College of Law is the first in the Northwest. The George H. Atkinson Graduate School of Management was founded in 1973 to provide professional training for careers in business, government, and the not-for-profit sector. The School of Education offers a Master of Arts in Teaching program with rigorous teacher training for liberal arts graduates, preparatory to teacher certification in Oregon and many other states.

Willamette also provides students with the opportunity to combine their rigorous undergraduate studies with graduate professional training in management. The Bachelor of Arts/Master of Business Administration for Business, Government, and Not-for-Profit Management (B.A./M.B.A.) program in management combines undergraduate and graduate education at Willamette. B.A./M.B.A. students complete the Bachelor of Arts degree and Master of Business Administration for Business, Government, and Not-for-Profit Management degree in five years by combining graduate and undergraduate education in their fourth year of study.

The essence of Willamette University's academic commitment to each undergraduate student is a foundation in general education which provides an exposure to civilization's great philosophical, artistic, literary and cultural expressions, and a mastering of critical reading, writing, calculating, and reasoning. General education coursework and related experiences serve as a preparation for advanced studies and possible off-campus application in field research, career-related internships, and study abroad. Willamette strives overall to educate the whole person, including the moral, intellectual, creative, and social dimensions, and to instill a lifelong dedication to rational inquiry and human excellence.

Willamette graduates travel all walks of life. Outstanding doctors, lawyers, teachers, businesspersons, public servants, and clergy who live throughout the United States and the world have common roots in the Willamette University community. This shared participation in an institution devoted for over a century and a half to the quality of life of its members is the rich heritage of each incoming generation of students. Whatever life directions a student ultimately chooses, these traditions and opportunities enhance each new student's Willamette experience.