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Center for Excellence in Teaching

The Center for Excellence in Teaching (CET) was designed in 1998 and began in the summer of 1999. We are privileged to support the professional growth of the excellent teachers in the Willamette Valley. Courses may be offered throughout the year on a variety of schedules. Locations include Willamette University and other locales, as serves the needs and convenience of the participants. Credits are graduate-level and offered in the traditional quarter hour.

Interested educators may pre-register for Center for Excellence in Teaching/CET non-cohort program courses (ESOL, Reading, NDEL Continuing Administrative License/CAL, and sometimes Continuing Teaching License/CTL) on-line. If these same educators wish to complete one of these programs through the CET (not just take one or more specific courses for general professional development), they are asked to complete the application process for the desired program, before taking a second course that is part of the same program.

For the CET cohort programs (NDEL Initial Administrative License/IAL and Special Education Endorsement/SPED programs), the application process is best completed by the February 1 prior to the summer in which the educator wishes to start the cohort.

ESOL Endorsement Programs

These programs are designed to assist pre-service candidates (the MAT ESOL cadre Program), and beginning and experienced teachers working or planning to work with ESOL students (full ESOL Endorsement Program). The flexibly scheduled classes will lead the dedicated educator to competence in working with second-language learners, and TSPC endorsement.

Reading Endorsement Programs

These programs are designed to assist pre-service candidates (the MAT Reading Cadre Program), and beginning and experienced educators interested in providing reading program leadership within their building or district (full reading Endorsement Program). They lead to competence in working with readers, and TSPC endorsement. These programs are based on scientific research of successful practices to prepare and train high-quality teachers.

Special Education Endorsement/SPED Programs

Our MAT Special Education Cadre cohort program is for MAT Aspire candidates in a Special Education work assignment.

Our Special Education Endorsement/SPED cohort for current educators (full SPED Endorsement Program) consists of 38 quarter-hour, graduate-level credits. These are taken over 14 months (starting one summer and continuing through the following summer). There is an application process which is best completed by February 1, prior to the summer the educator wishes to begin the program.

New Directions in Education Leadership/NDEL Administrative License Programs

Starting in the summer of 2005, CET began offering an Initial Administrative License/IAL program of 28 credits, from July through May in the cohort model. January 2006 marked the beginning of our Continuing Administrative License program/CAL, which includes 26 credits, offered in a rolling format (non-cohort), with various courses offered each term (usually spring and fall).

Continuing Teaching License Program

The CTL (Continuing Teaching License) Program is specifically for teachers in Oregon who hold an Oregon Initial Teaching License received in 1999 or later (not a Basic or Standard Teaching License). These teachers include Willamette University School of Education MAT graduates, graduates of other Oregon teacher education programs, and out-of-state teachers new to Oregon.

The CTL Program consists of nine courses that focus specifically on the ten competencies set as requirements for the CTL, by Oregon TSPC (Teacher Standards and Practices Commission). Candidates are guided through a system of self-evaluation, clarification of rules and regulations, goal-setting, data-gathering, and presentation of their evidence of advanced abilities in teaching. This individually guided and personalized process is an effort to support teacher excellence in the Oregon school system. Currently (since TSPC made this license optional), CTL courses are provided on an as-needed, non-published basis.

Professional Development Courses

These courses encompass the great variety of interests and needs of educators as they respond to new challenges, new regulations, and the continuing desire to improve their skills as professionals.

The offerings could include any content area or grade level, as the interest indicates and the quality of instructors exists. We desire to serve the needs of the educational community through a high-quality, personalized and cooperative effort to support professional growth.