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2010-2011 CLA Catalog

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HUM 330 Cafe Imago: Conversations in the Humanities for Art Historians (.25)

This seminar-style enrichment course, primarily intended for art history majors and minors, offers the opportunity to read and discuss key texts in the humanities (history, literature, philosophy, religion, theory, etc.) that relate to their current studies in art history. Faculty will plan the first few weeks of the syllabus and may schedule some guest speakers, films, and fieldtrips, but the bulk of the syllabus will be student generated. Students will be responsible for attending, reading, preparing discussion questions, and participating. Course may be taken twice for credit.

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

  • Offering: On demand
  • Instructor: De Mambro Santos, Nicgorski, Susik

HUM 497 (W) Humanities Senior Seminar (1)

[Crosslisted with CLHI 497]

A comparative study of the thought and artistry of major writers selected on the basis of their contributions to the development of Western culture within the context of a movement or historical period. Taught by faculty in humanities and literature subject fields and designed to provide seniors majoring in these subjects with an opportunity to synthesize their liberal arts experience. A visiting scholar enhances each seminar. Variable content. Seminar paper may also be accepted as an alternate means of senior evaluation by the student's major department.

General Education Requirement Fulfillment: Writing centered

  • Offering: Spring
  • Instructor: Staff