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HIST 453 (W) History in the Archives (1)

This course aims to build students' skills as social historians through the development of archive-based projects focusing on Salem/Oregon. Students will explore issues in the practice of local history, be introduced to key historical themes and resources, and develop individual research questions. Students will form a research community as they explore their topics using archival sources. Each student will produce a paper that features critical analysis of archival sources and places his/her research in the context of existing scholarship. Findings will be shared in written and oral form with local historical institutions, such as the Willamette Heritage center. Although this course is open to other students, senior history majors may use this project to fulfill their senior experience requirement.

General Education Requirement Fulfillment: Writing centered

Prerequisite: One history course or consent of instructor

  • Offering: Spring
  • Instructor: Eisenberg